Some Extra Info :-)

I’ve been programming in C++ for some good years now. And I love writing portable, performant and ISO-C++ standard’s compliant code. I’m active on, currently among the global 0.5%, and the 355th legendary Gold Badge earner in C++.

While C++ gives you unfettered control over the Performance of your Software. C++17 gives you more control over productivity, safety and performance. I love to stay at the bleeding edge of standards and technologies, hence I’ve had experience writing C++98, C++03, C++11, C++14, and C++17 - At the same time, I regularly poke my head into the ISO C++ standards committee documents ahead of C++20.

PS: Great job to the C++ Community, the ISO C++ members, and Herb Sutter!

Industry Skills?

I hate being choicely. I am always excited about exploring new fields. :-)

  • I have working knowledge of concurrency and multi-threading (I claim some pretty reasonable knowledge on atomics, but absolutely no knowledge on std::memory_order_consume)

  • Because I currently work in Security - Identity and Access Management infrastructure domain; I have been learning a lot, and gradually gainning relevant expertise daily

  • Nonetheless, I know some stuff on Subsea Systems Engineering in the Oil and Gas Sector; I did an Assessed Internship with Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company, Lagos in 2014. (I enjoyed it! and I still keep some tabs on the industry :-) )

  • I regularly solve algorithmic problems for fun, and to improve my problem solving skills

  • I am very comfortable with template meta programming (though I get annoyed by complicated templates)

Other languages?

Of cause. C++ wouldn’t be my first and last choice for a lot of stuff. I have trained and fought wars with other Artilleries including C, C#, Java, JavaScript ECMA2015 (NodeJS) and Python. My current job involves a dose of Java and Perl; with some Typescript/Javascript, Go, and some toolings/scripts on DevOps.

Contact me @whiztim