I am passionate about Engineering and every detail about it. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering, ditto Production Engineering. I love Systems Engineering and Software Engineering. . While my current doesn’t involve C++, I’m still be very much involved in C++ evangelism, My CV.


  • I am interested in working on Business and Performance Critical Software.
  • I am interesting in optimizing production throughput.
  • In the past few months, I’ve been working on with Security: Identity and Access Management, I’ve fallen in love with that domain, Thanks to my current employer :-)

More Information

  • I enjoy playing Piano. Currently learning classical music
  • I love photography, exploration, playing with kids, numbers, graphs and charts;
  • I love teamwork and every synergy involved; I love having a hardworking team with a great sense of humor and fun, a team who can laugh at our mistakes, learn, and rebound quickly;
  • I am likely to stick with an employer that allows me reasonable time to spend with my wife and kids (when I do get married and have kids of cause; :-) );

I love my time with family when its all said and done. :-)

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